From the 24th September to the 1st October I visited the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. The city holds many different cultures, styles and ideas and is one of the most beautiful places that I have visited.

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Duxford’s September Airshow.

A wet and windy day on the 8th of September failed to spoil a great Airshow at Duxford.

Clacton Airshow 2013

Very challenging conditions on the Essex coast this week with one day of constant showers and one day of haze. Still I thought I’d share a few and I hope you enjoy.

Shuttleworth past

A few images pre 2010 from the Shuttleworth Collection.

Shuttleworth 50th anniversary pageant

A wonderful day out at the Shuttleworth collection celebrating their 50th anniversary.


Felixstowe’s Wings over Waves

A new show to 2013, Felixstowe’s sea front provides a natural theatre for air displays and this was a great way to start.

Shuttleworth 11-8-2013

Spent a lovely few hours down at Old Warden on Sunday, shame about the wind.


A trip to Howlett’s – 7/7/2013

Took a trip down to Howlett’s Wild animal park earlier in the month, was not disappointed. Arina the Amur tiger cub is still going strong!

Flying Legends 2013: Passing the Baton.

Flying Legends 2013 will live long in the memory. It may not have been the best Flying Legends in terms of aircraft numbers but combined with the weather and wonderful flying it was an excellent weekend. Flying Legends this year also signalled the end of display flying for the main man behind the show, Stephen Grey and his Bearcat routine over the weekend was perfectly executed. I consider myself privileged and lucky to have seen so many of his displays and he has remained while other pilots have come and gone. I’d like to borrow a piece from the programme which was written by Ben Dunnell.

Flying Legends has always been special. Now it is unique as the sole expressly warbird-orientated airshow in Britain. That other events have fallen by the wayside tells its own story. Staging a display of this type, with heavy piston-engined historic aircraft as its backbone, is an expensive business. Let no one forget that, nor doubt the outlay in time, effort and emotions required behind the scenes. That Flying Legends this year notches up its 21st Anniversary is not just a source of pleasure, but also a considerable achievement.

Mr Dunnell Put it in words better than I could so I would just like to add my unreserved thanks to Mr Grey all the support team, IWM staff, warbird operators and many others who have all helped this airshow to keep going even when things go wrong.